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    From brokenness, we are made stronger.

    My view of counseling, coaching, and supervision is based on two truths that I have found consistent in my life: 

    ♦ Everyone struggles to find their path in life, making mistakes at times, and growing in strength through adversity. 

    ♦ Our past mistakes can be the most powerful learning opportunities if we choose to apply the lessons of failure to grow and do better.

    From brokenness, we are made stronger. With this in mind, I like to help my clients to find their own potential and inner strength to move forward. I use a variety of techniques and tools to help my clients find the way forward in life. I  believe that a counselor should become the counselor that a client needs, rather than to try and force a client to become what the counselor wants. In this way, I can align with my client, show them maximum understanding and respect, and journey with them towards a healthier more effective life–Dr Chuck 

    Dr. Chuck completed his doctoral degree in Counselor Education and Supervision at Old Dominion University.  In addition, he holds degrees in Counseling (M.A.), Human Services Counseling (M.A.), and Organizational Leadership & Management (B.S.) from Regent University, as well as Bible college/seminary degrees in Christian Counseling (B.A.) and Theology M.A.), and post-doctoral studies in Educational Technologies and Online Learning. Dr. Chuck has published on Non-death loss and a counselor’s ability to treat clients, and Internet Gaming Addiction. His research areas focus on Ambiguous Loss, Foster Parent Competency and Retention, The Culture of Abuse in Impoverished Families and Communities, The Treatment of Internet Porn Addiction, and Betrayal Trauma in Spouses of Porn Addicts, Stopping Elder Abuse.

    Dr. Chuck is Senior Pastoral Counselor and Christian Counselor, also specializing Life Coaching, Career Coaching, Couples and Relationship Enhancement Coaching, Strategic Parenting, and Co-parenting After Divorce.Chuck has made the strategic decision to work only as a Pastoral Counselor and Christian Minister in Human Services and Christian Life Coaching rather than seek a state license. This decision was made with much prayer after so much political constraint and bias has entered the field of counseling over the last 5 years. Christian counseling has a long and noble history, and Chuck feels that he cannot compromise his principles between extremist political affiliations in secular counseling, and the call of God he feels led to do Christian values based ministry. While this means he cant take your insurance, he has agreed to take no personal compensation for his counseling activities at VBCC. His clients pay what they can afford, on a sliding scale basis, which is in turn used to fund the general operations of the VBCC office.  This helps keep access to Dr. Chuck purposefully affordable, to allow anyone the opportunity to have superior counseling with minimal cost, and allows VBCC to operate as a non-profit organization with exceptionally low rates.


    • Ph.D. Counselor Education and Supervision, Old Dominion University
    • Ed.S. Educational Leadership/Online Learning and Technologies, Regent University
    • M.A. Comuunitiy Counseling, Regent University
    • M.A. Human Services Counseling, Regent University
    • B.S. Organizational Leadership and Management