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    Our Locations? We are everywhere you are!

    Going on vacation, temporarily deployed, can’t find an appointment opening after work? No problem, we have your solution!

    Connect is now a 100% online “Telehealth” provider, winning great applause from our clients who know that this saves them time, money, and frustration. Through telehealth, clients can meet with a counselor from any location through our encrypted telehealth app. Telehealth saves clients time by eliminating travel time, waiting room waits, and schedule conflicts.  

    Counseling can happen from anywhere worldwide where you have stable internet, wifi, or cellular connection. With Telehealth you do not have to travel to an office, waste time in a waiting room, or fight traffic to see your counselor. You can maximize your counseling time while preserving the rest of your time for life demands.  

    To get started, email us at [email protected], or contact Dr Chuck directly via text at 757 759-5674 to arrange your first consultation for free.