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  • Current Groups for 2023

    Betrayal Trauma for Women

    Betrayal Trauma happens when someone you trust with your heart betrays that trust. The most common is marital infidelity. Porn addictions, adultery, emotional affairs and the like can cause immense pain, emotional dysregulation, and long term traumatic stress.

    Our Healing Hearts Group is for women who have been betrayed and are seeking answers on how to recover themselves and function once more. Grief, loss, pain, fear, and lack of trust are addressed, along with strategies to deal with the betrayer while he undergoes his own recovery. 

    Join us each monday night at 7:00 (Eastern) via zoom for this free ongoing group of recovery and support. Open to women 16 and above.

    Porn Recovery for Men

    Porn has become the number one addiction in the lives of western culture. It is estimated that as much as 80% of men under 50 are addicted or frequent consumers of porn. The struggle to stop is a battle that cannot be won alone. Many have tried, nearly 100% will fail. This is because porn is not understood for the addiction that it is. We can help.

    Our Overcomer’s Group for Men is a weekly free support group of Christian men who are there to lead you into better understanding of what you are facing, offer tools to help, a shoulder if needed, and a band of brothers to rally to your rescue. 

    Join us each Saturday morning at 10:00 a.m. Eastern) for this free support and educational group. Open to all men 16 and above.

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    Porn Recovery Treatment Group

    For men who want to defeat porn once and for all, we are opening our therapy process group up to the public for the first time. This is the same group that we use to support our men who are in counseling or coaching for recovery from porn and infidelity. This group cycles through 16 weeks of structured psycho-educational group work. You can join anytime and repeat as often as you wish. 

    The $490 one time registration gives you continued access to the group plus access to our learning platform for all materials and video supplements so you can do independent study recovery with group support. For those who need to budget the cost, we have a payment option of $135 per month for four months to help you access the program without breaking the bank. Click the registration button below to choose your option and enroll today.

    To join the group and get access to the learning platform, register below. Group meets on Tuesdays at 7:00 p.m. (Eastern).

    Group Counseling

    More content to come soon…