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  • Marriage Reconciliation

    When the marriage gets broken, it’s not beyond repair. Dr Chuck has helped countless couples on the brink of divorce come back from the edge, repair their marriage, and reconcile their relationship. The key is in knowing the proper counseling modality to keep the hurt and anger from interfering with the healing process. 

    Dr Chuck specializes in Conjoint Therapy for couples who are in trouble due to pain, anger, betrayal, narcissism, and other seemingly irreconcilable differences.

    Conjoint therapy or Conjoint counseling brings healing to both sides first, then healing to the marriage. The goal is to reconcile the relationship.

    To reconcile: to make friendly again

    From the Latin root words re, meaning “again,” and concilare, meaning “to make friendly.” 

    Let us help you stop the pain and bring healing back to the marriage you originally envisioned.